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Формирование модели финансовой безопасности корпорации как основа инвестиционной привлекательности региона

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Actuality of the real research is conditioned by that the investment attractiveness of region is provided partly by forming of effective model of financial safety of corporation. The problem of increase of financial safety of corporation got the special actuality. It is related to world financial instability, globalization of world financial markets, permanent price-waves on power resources, currency and other factors. In this connection regions and industries ran into the necessity of construction of complex mechanism of corporate financial safety. The modern financial system of Russia determines a necessity forming of mechanism of financial safety, providing the high level of security of corporate finances from influence external and internal factors. Financial safety envisages the effective use of financial streams of corporation for the decline of threats and normal functioning of firm today and with a prospect on the future. Relevance of the real research is caused by that the sustainable development of the enterprises ensuring food safety of the country and its economic growth are possible only as a result of modernization. Now one of the main limiting factors of such development is absence on the majority of the industrial enterprises, including enterprises of the baking industry, the continuous modernization being the main thing to components of industrial policy, the production efficiency directed on increase.

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А. А. Мокропуло
Южный институт менеджмента

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Мокропуло А.А. Формирование модели финансовой безопасности корпорации как основа инвестиционной привлекательности региона. Научный вестник Южного института менеджмента. 2015;(2):25-29.

For citation:

Mokropulo A.A. FORMING OF MODEL FINANCIAL SAFETY OF CORPORATION AS BASIS OF INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVENESS OF REGION. Scientific bulletin of the Southern Institute of Management. 2015;(2):25-29. (In Russ.)

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